Latest Marinades and Sauce Recipes

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  • Rhu's Marinara Sauce  Cheryl style
    Rhu's Marinara Sauce Cheryl style

    Originally a Cooking Light recipe I altered it until it suited my tastes I love the addition of sun dried tomatoes and extra winedelicioso

  • Turkey Injection
    Turkey Injection

    This turned out to be my favorite injection I have come up with for turkey and the family readily agreed The clarified butter has a cleaner texture the infused herbs bring the flavor and the sweet agave comes through in the final product This makes eno

  • Salsa Jack Daniel's
    Salsa Jack Daniel's

    Salsa Jack Daniels buena para acompaar carnes y pescados

  • Bourbon Enriched Barbeque Sauce
    Bourbon Enriched Barbeque Sauce

    This is a thick rich sauce to serve on your favorite smoked meat

  • MNnative's Barbecue Sauce
    MNnative's Barbecue Sauce

    This sauce is at once sweet spicy and smoky All told this is one delicious barbecue sauce