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Berry Good For You Smoothie  Berry Good For You Smoothie  Fruit Smoothiethe perfect meal in a glass to start the day off to a good start  Fruit Drink View
Pomegranate Sangria  Pomegranate Sangria  Try this Pomegranate Sangria recipe or contribute your own  Pomegranate Drink View
Perfect Red Apple Martini  Perfect Red Apple Martini  Ive tried many red apple martinis and found out that simple is best I dont like powder mixes and I dont like martinis that are too sourso this was perfect I dont know why but the cranberry juice along with the apple pucker and vodka tricks your pallet int  Vodka Drink View
ChocolateCherry Shake  ChocolateCherry Shake  Try this ChocolateCherry Shake recipe or contribute your own No Cook and Snacks are two of the tags cooks chose for ChocolateCherry Shake  IceCream Drink View
Whisky refresher  Whisky refresher  A cool cocktail to refresh you on a nice summers day  Lemonade Drink View
Honey Bear Toddy  Honey Bear Toddy  TexasRecipeConnectionyahoogroupscom  Water Drink View
Snowball  Snowball  HolidayExpressyahoogroupscom  BaileysOriginalIrishCream Drink View
Smoothie  Smoothie  Try this Smoothie recipe or contribute your own  Bananas Drink View
Eggnog  Eggnog  Delicious but laden with calories  Eggs Drink View
Hot Chocolate Mix  Hot Chocolate Mix  Try this Hot Chocolate Mix recipe or contribute your own  PowderMilk Drink View
Recipes 101 - 110 of 4716