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Lebanese Avocado Appetizer Abakado ma'Taheena  Lebanese Avocado Appetizer Abakado ma'Taheena  Lebanese Guacamole This tasty spread goes very well on crisp pita bread slices Diabetic friendly its also rich in potassium and unsaturated fat  Avocado Starter View
Chunky Guacamole  Chunky Guacamole  Make sure you use ripe avocados otherwise it gets a bit crunchy I got this recipe from Tyler Florence via Good Eats  Avocados Starter View
Pesto simplified  Pesto simplified  Basic Pesto recipie  Basil Starter View
Baked Bean Quesadillas  Baked Bean Quesadillas  Try this recipe for Baked Bean Quesadillas or post your own Baked Bean Quesadillas recipe  Beans Starter View
Black Eye Pea Dip  Black Eye Pea Dip  Very Addicting  Beans Starter View
Texas Caviar  Texas Caviar  Great holiday snack very easy to make Looks good on the table  Beans Starter View
Chipotle Hummus  Chipotle Hummus  A modification of the traditional hummus recipe from the Grit Restaurant Cookbook one of my alltime favorite cookbooks  Beans Starter View
Hummus  Hummus  Hummus made from scratch Featured at Mazza restaurant in Salt Lake City  Beans Starter View
Hummus Spicy White Bean  Hummus Spicy White Bean  A spicy hummus with lots of flavor  Beans Starter View
Hummus  Hummus  adapted a bunch of times over the yearsfinalized in 2007 the perfect hummus   Beans Starter View
Recipes 21 - 30 of 294