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Cashew Dipping Sauce  Cashew Dipping Sauce  This is a great substitute for peanut sauce I believe it is also wheat and gluten free Low sugarLow carb as well It tastes great with my Chicken Satay  Cashews Marinades and Sauce View
Cheri's White Dipping Sauce  Cheri's White Dipping Sauce  Use boiled peeled shrimp poached chicken chunks veggies just about anything as a dipper with this recipe  Mayonnaise Marinades and Sauce View
Chile Peanut Sauce  Chile Peanut Sauce  Serve this over rice or steamed vegetables Great with Thai Spring Rolls  PeanutButter Marinades and Sauce View
Chinese Ginger Dressing  Chinese Ginger Dressing  Use over simple green salads to roasted or grilled vegetables It also makes a great marinade  Dressing Marinades and Sauce View
Chipotle Ketchup Jims  Chipotle Ketchup Jims  Chipotle Ketchup Jims  X Marinades and Sauce View
Christmas Sushi Vinegar  Christmas Sushi Vinegar  Seasoned vinegar for making sushi rice and namasu Makes great Christmas gifts  Ricevinegar Marinades and Sauce View
Cilantro and Mint Chutney  Cilantro and Mint Chutney  This is a good condiment to Indian meals Good with potato patties and also pakoras  Vegetables Marinades and Sauce View
CilantroMint Chutney  CilantroMint Chutney  Use this refreshing sauce or chutney to serve with pappadums pakoras samosas or chips  Mint Marinades and Sauce View
Cocktail Sauce  Cocktail Sauce  Mmmmmmmm shrimp cocktail here I come  TomatoPaste Marinades and Sauce View
Coconut Caramel Sauce  Coconut Caramel Sauce  This sauce is a favourite with children Serve spooned over cake pikelets or waffles or use as a topping for icecream  Coconutcream Marinades and Sauce View
Recipes 21 - 30 of 124