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Image Title Description Main Ingredient Category Recipe
Dr Oz Smoothie  Dr Oz Smoothie  very tasty  Fruit Drink View
Purple Passion  Purple Passion  Try this Purple Passion recipe or contribute your own  Grapejuicconcentrate Drink View
Martha's Green Smoothie  Martha's Green Smoothie  Kale is available yearround and at its peak during cold months Should cost about 1 per bunch  Kale Drink View
luscious lime slush  luscious lime slush  Try this luscious lime slush recipe or contribute your own  Lemonlimesoda Drink View
Buttermilk homemade  Buttermilk homemade  Try this Buttermilk homemade recipe or contribute your own  Milk Drink View
Skip N Go Nakeds  Skip N Go Nakeds  also known as Summer Beer perfect for drinking on the beach  Lemonade Drink View
Coquito  Coquito  Coconut trip  CreamofCoconut Drink View
Mint Julep  Mint Julep  By Joel Hurt Second Generation Native of Atlanta  Bourbon Drink View
Banana Holiday Punch  Banana Holiday Punch  Try this Banana Holiday Punch recipe or contribute your own  Bananas Drink View
Catalan  Catalan  Delicious summer drink  GrandMarnier Drink View
Recipes 31 - 40 of 4716