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Sweet and Spicy Garlic Sauce  Sweet and Spicy Garlic Sauce  Thai dipping sauce with sweet sour and fiery notes Use for spring rolls crab cakes and Thai Grilled Chicken or any fried tidbit off the grill  ChiliGarlic Marinades and Sauce View
Makhani Gravy  Makhani Gravy  This flavorful sauce is good on chicken lamb lentils idlis koftas and many other dishes Make lots and freeze it in serving sized portions  Tomatoes Marinades and Sauce View
Pizza Sauce From The Pantry  Pizza Sauce From The Pantry  This 5 carb off the shelf sauce is ready in five minutes I wonder if this photo will make me as famous as Andy Warhol  Tomatoes Marinades and Sauce View
Spinach Lasagna Bechamel  Spinach Lasagna Bechamel  Dont need to cook anything before you assemble except for the Bechamel sauce  Spinach Marinades and Sauce View
Bread Dipping Sauce  Bread Dipping Sauce  The first time I made this was to keep guests snacking while we prepared the first course We almost didnt make it any farther in the meal as it is SO good  Herbs Marinades and Sauce View
Homemade Tomato Sauce  Homemade Tomato Sauce  Sales of canned tomatoes and tomatoe paste indicate a lot of people make their own spaghetti sauce With a homemade sauce you can avoid some of the additives that commercial sauces contain and cut sodium content too if desired  Tomatoes Marinades and Sauce View
Jellied Cranberry Sauce  Jellied Cranberry Sauce  This cranberry sauce is my handsdown favorite and is always on our Thanksgiving table  Cranberry Marinades and Sauce View
Shrimp Saag  Shrimp Saag  Saag is a catchall term for any leafy green vegetable mixed with spices for a creamy sauce to compliment cheese meat or seafood Shrimp saag is a creamy spinach mix with shrimpThis is yummy  Shrimp Marinades and Sauce View
Cheri's White Dipping Sauce  Cheri's White Dipping Sauce  Use boiled peeled shrimp poached chicken chunks veggies just about anything as a dipper with this recipe  Mayonnaise Marinades and Sauce View
Cocktail Sauce  Cocktail Sauce  Mmmmmmmm shrimp cocktail here I come  TomatoPaste Marinades and Sauce View
Recipes 51 - 60 of 124