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Image Title Description Main Ingredient Category Recipe
Vanilla Oolong Chai  Vanilla Oolong Chai  From Oxygen Fitness website httpwwwoxygenmagcomNutritionArticlesBikiniBodyDrinkaspx  OolongTea Drink View
Sunshine Slush  Sunshine Slush  great for a party  Fruit Drink View
Alice's Wassail  Alice's Wassail  Great at Christmas  Applecider Drink View
Blushing Martini  Blushing Martini  Try this Blushing Martini recipe or contribute your own  Vodka Drink View
pepperment hot chocolate  pepperment hot chocolate  yummy pepperment hot chocolate  Milk Drink View
Energy Smoothie Recipe  Energy Smoothie Recipe  The smoothie recipe below contains Red Bull which is the most popular energy drink in the world Most energy smoothie does a great job boosting energy but lacks that quick boost of intense energy If you are looking for a smoothie that can give you an inten  RedBull Drink View
Alton Brown's Blueberry syrup  Alton Brown's Blueberry syrup  Yields 3 cups syrup enough for 12 drinks Can be modified for other fruits Use in sodas or snow cones Store in refrigerator for 1 week  Blueberries Drink View
Pumpkin Spice White Hot  Pumpkin Spice White Hot  Try this Pumpkin Spice White Hot recipe or contribute your own  Pumpkin Drink View
Bacon Infused Vodka  Bacon Infused Vodka  Your favorite vodka infused with your favorite bacon What could be better  Vodka Drink View
Strawberry Citrus and Turkish Apple Punch  Strawberry Citrus and Turkish Apple Punch  Delicious and refreshing citrus taste Great for parties and goes well with dessert or even enjoyed for breakfast  Strawberries Drink View
Recipes 61 - 70 of 4716