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Jam Potato Dumplings  gomboc  Jam Potato Dumplings gomboc  Absolutely delicious meal to make but be prepared to take a while to make it Long preparation time but well worth the effort Everyone who has a sweet tooth will love these and want more as soon as it runs out  Potato Breakfast and Brunch View
Kasha Breakfast Porridge  Kasha Breakfast Porridge  Havent tried yet  Kashi Breakfast and Brunch View
Kgb Pancakes  Kgb Pancakes  because sometimes buying the premix is a luxury I just can not afford  Flour Breakfast and Brunch View
Lemon Streusal Muffins  Lemon Streusal Muffins  Havent tried yet  Allpurposeflour Breakfast and Brunch View
Low Carb Fruit Chutney  Low Carb Fruit Chutney  Very similar to the Mango Chutney enjoyed with British style meat curries But this one wont wreck your diabetic meal plan  Apricot Breakfast and Brunch View
Low Carb Waffles  Low Carb Waffles  Crisp and tender these waffles are diabeticfriendly They taste good too  Chickpeas Breakfast and Brunch View
LowCarb Breakfast Scramble  LowCarb Breakfast Scramble  Start your day with a filling breakfast But dont trash your carbcount This is diabetic friendly  Eggs Breakfast and Brunch View
Lowfat High Fiber Blueberry Bran Muffins  Lowfat High Fiber Blueberry Bran Muffins  I found this recipe on another recipe website and I couldnt believe how good these are considering how healthy they are They came out very moist and full of flavor  Blueberry Breakfast and Brunch View
Maple Apple Oatmeal  Maple Apple Oatmeal  Love this Reheat through the weak for a quick healthy meal  Oatmeal Breakfast and Brunch View
Martha's Homemade Granola  Martha's Homemade Granola  Because apple juice from frozen concentrate is thicker than bottled apple juice it makes a better coating for the granola helping it get crisp in the oven without requiring much oil  Oats Breakfast and Brunch View
Recipes 71 - 80 of 125