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Image Title Description Main Ingredient Category Recipe
24Hour Cabbage Slaw  24Hour Cabbage Slaw  Try this 24Hour Cabbage Slaw recipe or post your own recipe for 24Hour Cabbage Slaw  Cabbage Salad View
Adak Mexican Salad  Adak Mexican Salad  Mix dressing with cabbage several hours before serving Most people wont recognize the cabbage  Cabbage Main View
Alice Waters' Coleslaw  Alice Waters' Coleslaw  Great with Mexican food or grilled food  Cabbage Side Dish View
Anas Cabbage Confit  Anas Cabbage Confit  Makes a lot although amount not specified Can probably reduce oil substantially  Cabbage Side Dish View
Anita's Cole Slaw  Anita's Cole Slaw  My husband loves this dish Good with fish  Cabbage Salad View
Apple Jicama Slaw  Apple Jicama Slaw  Try this Apple Jicama Slaw recipe or contribute your own  Cabbage Side Dish View
Apple Nut Slaw  Apple Nut Slaw  This is a quick and easy side dish Not your typical cole slaw  Cabbage Main View
Appleaday Cole Slaw 1 Point  Appleaday Cole Slaw 1 Point  Try this recipe for Appleaday Cole Slaw 1 Point or post your own Appleaday Cole Slaw 1 Point recipe  Cabbage Salad View
Applebee's Won Ton Tacos  Applebee's Won Ton Tacos  These are TERRIFIC Such a great alternative to mexican tacos I will definitley say that they do take some time to make Normally I am not into long and dragged out recipes but these are sooooo worth it Also there is an art to frying these lil guys You need  Chickencabbage Starter View
Asian Chicken Salad  Asian Chicken Salad  A simple dish made of cabbage chicken and ramen noodles it works well as both a side or an entree  Cabbage Salad View
Recipes 1 - 10 of 387