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Image Title Description Main Ingredient Category Recipe
Bunka's Date Cake Bunka's Date Cake  Try this Bunkas Date Cake recipe or contribute your own  Dates Dessert View
Chicken Red Dates soup Chicken Red Dates soup  sweet tasty soup to whet the appetite  Chickenreddates Soup and Stew View
Chorizofilled Dates Wrapped In Bacon Chorizofilled Dates Wrapped In Bacon  TOTAL TIME 20 MIN  Dates Starter View
CocoaOat Truffles CocoaOat Truffles  Trying to make my diet healthier This is one of the few recipes that I have found that I like No sugar and no gluten I hadnt tried dates before this They make a nice alternative to sugar in this recipe Even my family liked them they didnt know there   Dates Dessert View
Cream Cheese stuffed Dates Cream Cheese stuffed Dates  date  Dates Starter View
Date and Coconut Balls Date and Coconut Balls  Desert  DatesampCoconut Dessert View
Date Balls Date Balls  This recipe was submitted by Connie  Dates Dessert View
Date Balls Date Balls  Grandmothers Recipe  Dates Dessert View
Date Balls From Angelett Date Balls From Angelett  Delicious Date Balls This recipe is dedicated to my Sissy These are a favorite of hers they make a great birthday gift or holiday gift and they are easy to make too  Dates Dessert View
Date Bars  Date Bars  You will enjoy sharing them and they are easy to make  ChoppedDates Dessert View
Recipes 1 - 10 of 35