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Banana Orange Smoothie  Banana Orange Smoothie  Yummy  Fruits Drink View
Candied Fruit Cake  Candied Fruit Cake  This is the classic recipe from Womans Day 1954  CandiedFruitsNutsCandiedFruitsNuts Dessert View
Holiday Ambrosia Cake  Holiday Ambrosia Cake  Fruit Cake with a flair Totally unlike your grandmas fruit cake Light and fluffy   CandiedFruits Dessert View
Homemade banana fruit cake  Homemade banana fruit cake  A delicious banana fruit cake moist and fluffy  Bananaanddriedfruits Dessert View
Marshmallow fruit salad  Marshmallow fruit salad  Try this Marshmallow fruit salad recipe or contribute your own  FruitSalad Dessert View
Moroccan Fruit Salad Dressing  Moroccan Fruit Salad Dressing  An interesting dressing to liven up fruit salad  Fruitsalad Dessert View
StreuselTopped ApricotSpiced Muffins  StreuselTopped ApricotSpiced Muffins  an excellant holiday muffin  Apricotfruitspread Breakfast and Brunch View
Triple Decker Mousse in Tropical Wave  Triple Decker Mousse in Tropical Wave  A sinful combination of fruity and chocolatey flavors in smooth and creamy mouthfeeltextures This dessert requires a little skill in terms of plating  Fruits Dessert View
Virginia's Fruit salad  Virginia's Fruit salad  Darlene Bigham  Fruits Salad View
Recipes 1 - 9 of 9