Aajonus' Green Juice 12 Oz Drink

Helps eliminate toxicity from the liver other glands decreases lymphatic congestion regulates body salts and increases oxygen absorption

Cuisine: American

Main Ingredient: Greens

Category: Breakfast and Brunch

Difficulty: 1/10

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Aajonus' Green Juice 12 Oz Drink

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5 bunchCelery; with leaves, if not wilted
5 bunchParsley
1 bunchCilantro
1 eaLemon; rind and all
1 inchGinger roots
2 mediumZucchini
1 mediumGreen papaya
1 mediumCucumber
3 ounceUnheated honey
12 tablespoonCoconut cream


1As the juice is made, pour it into a gallon container. ~ 128 ounces?
2 Juice 96 ounces at a time for a three-day period. This makes four 8oz. servings to drink each day. If you want 12 oz. servings, then juice 154 ounces at a time for a three-day period.
3 After 92 ounces is juiced, mix 3 oz. of juice and 4 ounces of honey in an 8oz narrow-top mason jar. Screw Osterizer blender washer/blades/base on jar. Blend 5-10 seconds to liquefy honey. Pour sweetened mix into remaining 89 ounces and gently stir. The honey helps preserve the juices. Then, pour into 12 8oz. glass jars, seal with Ball-jar lids and store in the fridge.
4 No more than 1 tablespoon of airspace should be in each container.
5 My tests show that refrigerated juices stored this way retain 90 to 93% of their nutrient value in a 78 hour period.
6 Always eat one tablespoon of coconut cream before drinking one serving of green juice.
  • Aajonus' Green Juice 12 Oz Drink

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