Adzuki Beans with Brown Rice

You may use any kind of beans

Cuisine: Vegetarian

Main Ingredient: Adzukibeans

Category: Side Dish

Difficulty: 1/10

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Adzuki Beans with Brown Rice

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Prep Time:
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1 cupAdzuki beans; uncooked
1 cupBrown rice; uncooked
1 smallOnion; sliced
1 cupCarrot; sliced
1 teaspoonTahini
1 teaspoonSesame seeds
1Bay leaf
2 tablespoonSoy sauce
1 tablespoonOlive oil
1 pinchSalt


1Soak the beans overnight with a kombu leaf. Cook the rice and the beans (this ones with the soak water) separately in salted water, both of them with a kombu leaf. Slice the onion and the carrot and saute both with the olive oil and the bay leaf. When is done, add the sesame seeds and cook a little more in low heat until the seeds are brown. Mix the tahini with the soy sauce, add them to the saute and cook it in a very low heat for more five minutes. Add the beans, the rice and a little bit water from the beans mix it carefully without breaking it and cook low for more for a few minutes, to mix the flavors.
2 Nutrition info (per serving, 165g):
3 Total calories: 405
4 - 55 from fat
5 Total fat: 6g
6 - Saturated fat: 1g
7 - Polyunsat fat: 1g
8 - Mono fat: 3g
9 - Cholesterol: 0mg
10 - Sodium: 618mg
11 - Potassium: 893mg
12 Total Carbs: 73g
13 - Dietary fiber: 10g
14 - Sugars: 3g
15 - Other Carb: 70g
16 Protein: 15g
Vegan Vegetarian
  • Adzuki Beans with Brown Rice

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