Blues Hog Bbqueban Sandwich

This is my BBQ spin on the Cuban using pulled pork for the roast pork and a mustard based BBQ sauce in place of the mustard I present to youthe BBQueban

Cuisine: Cuban

Main Ingredient: Pork

Category: Sandwich

Difficulty: 1/10

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Blues Hog Bbqueban Sandwich

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1loaf Cuban bread; (I can't get it around here so use French bread)
1/4 poundham; thin sliced (use good quality ham, not the cheap stuff)
1/4 poundpulled pork
1 ounceBlues Hog Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce; (or use any South Carolina style mustard BBQ sauce)
4 eachdill pickle slices; (lengthwise slices like Claussen brand Sandwich Slices)
1/4 poundswiss cheese


1Slice the bread lengthwise. Lightly butter the inside of the bread and grill/toast until crisp.
2 Top the bottom with the ham, pork, mustard sauce, pickle, cheese and the top piece of bread. Cut in half at an angle.
3 Cook in a panini press for 5-8 minutes. If you don't have a press, you can put the sandwich between a hot griddle and a preheated cast iron (or heavy pot) on top.
  • Blues Hog Bbqueban Sandwich

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