Cinnamon French Toast with Berry Sauce

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Cuisine: American

Main Ingredient: Bread

Category: Breakfast and Brunch

Difficulty: 1/10

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Cinnamon French Toast with Berry Sauce

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1thick slice of bread
2 tablespoonssugar
1 tablespoonwater
1/2 cupberries; such as blueberries
1 teaspoonCinnamon


1Preheat a griddle or a non stick frying pan to a medium low heat. Crack the 2 eggs onto a plate with the cinnamon and beat with a fork so it resembles one color. Cut your thick bread in half so it resembles triangles. (note, the bread should be about an inch thick for best results) Coat the bread well with the egg mixture on all sides (the more egg you let it absorb, the richer the French toast will be).
2 Once the pan is at the desired heat, melt a small lob of butter and carefully transfer the bread to the pan. You don't want to cook on a high heat since you are using thick bread, if you do, you will brown the outside to quickly and be left with raw and soggy bread on the inside, so be patient when cooking. Make sure that you brown the all 3 sides of the bread that are quite wet, the 3rd side is the cross sectional area that you cut the bread in half. This ensures a nice flavored throughout the toast, as well it looks much better. Place on a serving plate in a desired way and then start the preparing the berries.
3 In the same frying pan, or if you were using a griddle use a separate pan, put in the berries and add the sugar and water. This will not take long, i like using strawberries, blueberries or rasnerries. Cook until soft and the liquid has a syrup like consistency. Spoon over the French toast. Serve. For better presentation, sift icing sugar over the toast.
4 Note: you can add whip cream, butter, syrup or anything else you like if that's your preference.
  • Cinnamon French Toast with Berry Sauce

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