Cottage Cheese Spread

From Chez Francois Restaurant in Great Falls VA

Cuisine: French

Main Ingredient: Cheese

Category: Starter

Difficulty: 1/10

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Cottage Cheese Spread

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1 poundSmall curd, cream-style cottage cheese
2/3 cupSour cream
1/2 teaspoonSalt
1/4 teaspoonFreshly ground black pepper
1 teaspoonGarlic; finely minced
1 tablespoonOnion; finely minced
1 tablespoonGreen onions; finely minced
1 teaspoonChives or parsley; finely minced


1Using a wire whisk, blend the cottage cheese and sour cream well in a small mixing bowl.
2 Add the remaining ingredients.
3 Mix thoroughly and adjust seasonings.
4 Cover the bowl and chill well before serving.
5 Monsieur Francois'' hint to the home cook: An Alsatian tradition often served with boiled potatoes. Serve it with a basket of warm French bread as an accompaniment to an aperitif.
  • Cottage Cheese Spread

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