Crab Hand Rolls

Note These are hand rolls not the smaller rolls that require sushi mats and plastic wrap to prepare

Cuisine: Japanese

Main Ingredient: Crab

Category: Side Dish

Difficulty: 1/10

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Crab Hand Rolls

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3 cupsSushi Rice; Unrinsed
3 1/4 cupsWater
1 packNori/Seaweed
1 packImitation Crab Meat
1 mediumCucumber; Match-sticked
1/2 poundCream cheese
Soy sauce; Optional
Spicy Mayo; Optional
Pickled Ginger; Optional
Wasabi Paste; Optional


1Step 1: The Rice
2 There are countless recipes that tell you how to make perfect sushi rice, but since this is a rather quick recipe, I'll tell you the quick, no frills method to producing good sushi rice. I use a rice cooker instead of a pot or saucepan and I like to fluff it afterward with a rice paddle.
3 - Place rice and water into the rice cooker pot and swirl until the water becomes milky white. (this is the starch in the rice coming out and this allows the rice to be sticky)
4 - Set timer to cook and go off to work on prepping the other items.
5 - Once the rice is done place the rice on a ceramic dish and using a rice paddle (a wooden spoon also works in a pinch) fluff the rice as it cools making it light and fluffy but still sticky.
6 - Let cool and proceed to next step.
7 Step 2: The Construction
8 If you haven't already match-sticked your cucumber, do so right away and prepare all your ingredients next to your cutting board.
9 - Split your imitation crab meat down the center to create 2 long thin strips. (stores sell many varieties of imitation crab, i suggest the longer type which are comparable to the meat off a crab leg)
10 - With your 1/2 pound block of cream cheese, do the same making each strip similar in length and thickness to the crab (if its not perfect, don't fret, remember this is a quickie recipe)
11 - Take your Nori/Seaweed and cut the larger sheets in to smaller ones roughly 3 1/2 inches by 6 inches.
12 - Once thats done, cover 3/4 of the Nori sheet with your cold sushi rice (it should stick) and place in the palm of your hand (rice facing up).
13 - Next take a mix of your ingredients in whichever proportions you like (for example, I like more crunch so I put more cucumber than cream cheese and crab) and place them diagonally on your Nori-rice sheet with the ingredients toward the corner farthest from the rice-less area.
14 -Lastly, grab the corner farthest from the rice-less end (the bulk of your filling should be in there) and begin to roll it toward the side with no rice. Once done it should be a cone shaped hand roll like the pictures above (note: it may take more than one time to get it right. because the ingredients are dry and forgiving, you can unroll and re-roll as many times as is necessary)
15 Step 3: Plate and Enjoy
16 The final step is up to you. Many people like wasabi, pickled ginger and sauces like spicy mayo to accompany their dishes, I personally like the simple addition of Soy Sauce.
17 -Enjoy
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