Elly's Christmas Pudding

This pudding will keep well for up to a year or more It also makes a good gift for Christmas So I have changed it to be Gluten Freenut free and add the spices as as well as Elly recipe did not have any spices in it So now this recipe has a little of Elly

Cuisine: English

Main Ingredient: Love

Category: Dessert

Difficulty: 1/10

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Elly's Christmas Pudding

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500 gramGF Plain flour
500 gramSugar; I used brown
500 gramSuet; i used lard insted of suet as I could not find suet
500 gramCurrants
500 gramSultanas
500 gramCarrots; grated, raw
500 grampotatoes; Mashed (yes really)!
2 teaspoonGround cloves
2 teaspoonGround cinnamon
2 teaspoonGround nutmeg


1Mix all dry ingredents together, Add carrots and potatoes and mix well. you will need to get your hands into this one, to mix it. :)
2 Stir occassionally over 24hrs as the mix gets more moist.
3 Measure the mixture into basins, filling them three-quarter full, tie over with greaseproof paper then foil and Boil/steam for 5/6hrs
4 Once you have put the puddings on to steam, call you mother, or you daughter, or you sister or your aunty or cousin or good friend, and let them know that you have put your Christmas pupping on and that you are thinking of them, and of family and friends, and the love that binds you
5 On the day boil/steam for at least one hour to heat thoughly.
6 People frequently ask me, if I make the pudding in different sized bowls does the cooking time vary, NO, it does not, even if you split the christmas pudding mixture into 6 smaller bowls, cooking and reheating times REMAIN THE SAME.
7 On Christmas day, you will say to yourself "It was wort it!"
Christmas Gluten Free
  • Elly's Christmas Pudding

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