Kips Country Bbq Sauce

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Cuisine: American

Main Ingredient: Tomatosauce

Category: Marinades and Sauce

Difficulty: 1/10

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Kips Country Bbq Sauce

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15 ounceTomato sauce;
1 cupRed wine vinegar;
1 c darkbrown sugar; loosely packed
1 tablespoonCelery; seed
1/4 teaspoonGarlic; powder
1/4 teaspoonWhite pepper;
1/4 teaspoonBlack pepper;
1/4 ts coarseblack pepper;
1/4 ts coarsered pepper; crushed
1/8 teaspoonLiquid smoke;
1 dashCayenne; pepper


1Put all ingridients into pan. Bring to boil for 2 minutes under high heat.
2 Turn heat to low and simmer 1/2 hour. Let cool and use cold. This is a dipping sauce. BBQ should be dipped into sauce every 15 min for grilling and every 45 min. for smoking.
3 Sauce can be put over chicken, ribs, pork, or beef and baked in oven as well.
  • Kips Country Bbq Sauce

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