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Cuisine: Jewish

Main Ingredient: Pasta

Category: Side Dish

Difficulty: 1/10

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2 lb Boneless chuck or brisket
salt and freshlyground pepper;
1 clovegarlic;
1 Carrot;
1 piece ofcelery;
3 mdOnion; s
2 tablespoonVegetable oil;
1/4 cupVegetable oil;
2 teaspoonSalt;
1 c Lukewarm water
4 cupAll-purpose flour;


1Yield: About 5 Dozen (Meat)
2 1. Season the meat with salt and pepper and rub with the garlic. Place in a heavy pot and surround with the carrot celery, and 1 onion. Cook, covered, for about an hour or until there is almost no water. TheN add water to cover and simmer for an hour and a half.
3 2. While the meat is cooking, slice the remaining 2 onions and saute slowly in the oil until brown.
4 3. Remove the meat from the heat and let cool. Drain and coarsely grind with all the onions, adding a little at a broth from the meat if needed to make it moist enough to handle.
5 4. To make the dough, mix the oil, salt, and water in a bowl. Gradually stir in the flour until a medium-soft dough is formed. Place on a floured board. Knead until the dough is smooth and soft. A food processor works well for this.
6 5. Cut the dough into 3 portions. Roll out each piece of dough into a rectangle about 1/8 inch thick. Cut into 2 inch squares. Fill each square with about a teaspoon of the meat mixture. Dipping your fingers in flour, fold over into a triangle, and crimp closed. Join the 2 ends together like a little ring, as you would a tortellini or a wonton. Repeat with the rest of the kreplach. If you like, you can freeze the kreplach at this point. To do so, place them on a cookie sheet in the freezer and, when frozen, transfer them to plastic freezer bags. Otherwise, refrigerate until ready to use.
7 6. To cook the kreplach, bring about 10 cups of water to a boil in a big pot. Add the salt and about 20 kreplach at a time. When the kreplach have risen to the top, cool with a strainer to a bowl filled with chicken soup, serving about 3 kreplach per person.
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