Layered Spinach Salad Lowfat

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Cuisine: English

Main Ingredient: Salad

Category: Salad

Difficulty: 1/10

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Layered Spinach Salad Lowfat

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1/2 c Fat-free romano cheese
3 turkeybacon; slices crisply
1 1/2 qt torn freshspinach;
2 c freshmushroom; slices
1 cupRed onion; cut into rings
10 oz Frozen peas; thawed
1/2 c fat-freemayonnaise; or
1/2 c fat-freesour cream;
1 teaspoonSugar;
2 tb fat-freeparmesan; cheese
salt andpepper; at table


1Combine the 1/2 cup cheese with bacos. Mix well. In a 2+1/2 quart bowl, layer spinach, cheese mixture, mushrooms, onions, and peas. Combine mayonnaise or yogurt, sour cream and sugar; mix well. With a rubber spatula, spread the mixture like icing over the top of the salad to seal. Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons cheese. Cover. Refrigerate overnight. Serve with or without tossing the salad. Serves 6 as a main course luncheon with crusty bread or 8 as a side salad; more on a buffet. [PER SERVING: 123 cals, 1g fat, or 7% cff] This was a family favorite main dish lunch during Roswell, NM summers. Thick salad with heady flavor. Make it the night before. Serve in the heat of the day. Back then we used regular or low fat products. The new fatfree cheese are just as good. The cheesy dressing permeates the vegetables; not sure if we eat the salad or inhale it. Always a winner at parties, people wanted to know how much blue cheese we used. -- Pat Hanneman Recipe by: Dorothy Hanneman / Modified Posted to KitMailbox Digest by Pat Hanneman <> on Sep 13, 1998, converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.
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