Sprout Hummus

Hummus made from any kind of bean sprouts

Cuisine: English

Main Ingredient: Sprouts

Category: Starter

Difficulty: 1/10

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Sprout Hummus

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1 cupsprouts
1 tablespoontahini
1 tablespoonlemon juice
1 teaspoonExtra virgin olive oil
1 cloveGarlic
1 teaspoonGround cumin
1/2 teaspoonsea salt
1/2 teaspoonGround white pepper


2 Mix all ingredients to desired consistency using a food processor.
3 Serve
4 Spread hummus on serving platter drizzle olive oil + sprinkle paprika over top.
5 Slice cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, etc. and place around hummus.
6 or
7 Spread Hummus on flour tortilla, top with Leafy Sprouts. Roll it up. Serve whole or sliced.
8 Decorate as you wish.
9 We used Nasturtiums and Italian Parsley in our picture.
10 Notes
11 Add Olive Oil, more Tahini or hot H2O for smoother hummus
12 We generally make this with beige garbanzos. Just thought you might want to know how conventional we are =;-)
13 Variation: Habanero Hummus: add 1/2 habanero pepper (roughly chopped)
  • Sprout Hummus

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