Unagi Kabayaki glazed grilled eel

fillets of eel grilled and glazed with a rich salty and sweet sauce of sake and soy sauce traditionally eaten in august when the health giving properties of eel were believed to help ensure against the debilities caused by summer heat Typically served ove

Cuisine: Japanese

Main Ingredient: Eel

Category: Side Dish

Difficulty: 1/10

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Unagi Kabayaki glazed grilled eel

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2-3 eachsmall freshwater eel
1/4 cuplight soy sauce
1/4 cupsake
1/4 cupsugar
cooked rice
sansho; (japanese pepper)


1 fillet the eel. cut the head off, discard internals, and rub skin with coarse salt. remove meat from the back bone and cut in 4 inch strips. Skewer with bamboo and steam for a minute or two until it is partially cooked. this part can be omitted but it helps to ensure the delicate texture, if it's omitted it will taste just as good but the eel will have a firmer texture.
2 Prepare a charcoal grill. Mix the sake, soy sauce and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Once the coals are ashy and glowing red, grill the eel skin side down. Brush generously with the sauce. flip and cook the other side briefly, also brushing the skin side with the sauce. Continue glazing and turning until the eel has a nice developed a nice red-brown surface.
3 Ease off skewers and arrange eel on rice and sprinkle with sansho.
  • Unagi Kabayaki glazed grilled eel

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