Vietnamese Lotus Stem Salad

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Cuisine: Vietnamese

Main Ingredient: Carrot

Category: Salad

Difficulty: 1/10

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Vietnamese Lotus Stem Salad

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300 gramsLotus stems; washed and thinly sliced
1 cupCarrot; Shredded
1 cupDaikon; Oriental Radish Shredded
1 smallRed onion; sliced and soaked in iced water
1 cupVietnamese Mints; washed and tear into small pieces
1 tablespoonFried Shallots
2Red Chillis; Sliced, optional
2 tablespoonsPeanuts; crushed
4 stemsCoriander
Vinegar Seasoning (for pickled carrots and daikon
1 cupVinegar
1 cupSugar
1 teaspoonsalt
2 tablespoonssugar
2 tablespoonsfish sauce
2 tablespoonsFresh lemon juice
1 teaspoonGarlic; minced


11. Combine carrot and white radish in the vinegar seasoning, soak for at least 1 hour or more
2 2. Mix lotus stems, pickled carrot and white radish, prawns, red onion and some Vietnamese mints in a salad bowl.
3 3. Prepare dressing in a separate bowl and drizzle over salad.
4 4. Garnish with remainder of Vietnamese mints, coriander, fried shallots, peanuts and chilli before Serving.
  • Vietnamese Lotus Stem Salad

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